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FALL 2019 SECURITY SMART 2 7 Tips for Safe Networking N ETWORKING WITH FELLOW professionals in your field and beyond can be a great way to benefit your company and advance your career. But as with any other time you're meeting a stranger, even if it's someone a friend or coworker knows, it's best to be on your guard. Before you head out to make a new connection, follow these tips to keep your personal and company information secure and yourself safe. 1 Research the person or people you will be meeting ahead of time. Check the websites of their organizations to see if they are legitimate and to confirm that the person works there. If you go to a LinkedIn profile, independently verify as much of the information on it as you can. 2 Arrange your own transportation. If that poses a problem, meet via phone or video. Don't accept an offer of a ride, espe- cially not in someone's personal vehicle. 3 Make sure a coworker or family member knows where you will be. Plan to check in with them by calling More often than you'd think, shady apps can make their way into your preferred app store. With a bit of awareness and some common sense, you can avoid being affected by the malicious software these apps can contain—software that gives hackers access to your phone and to the sensitive information stored on it. When you're making decisions about what apps to download, look carefully for red flags, just as you do (don't you?) when browsing the web from a computer. ■ Check the number of downloads (the higher, the better) and read the reviews (with a cynical eye—some of them might be fake). ■ Look at what permissions the app wants. Think about whether they seem appropriate for that type of app and whether you're comfortable with the level of access you're being asked to give. ■ If you're still not sure whether an app is safe, click the name of the developer and go to the webpage to see what else they've created as well as their privacy and security policies and how they collect and use your information. ■ Don't download apps from random How to Appraise Apps before Downloading websites or other unestablished third- party sources. Your odds of encountering a problematic app are significantly greater out in the wild than within a reputable store. (If you have an Android device, it won't let you download apps from un- known sources by default; if you ever try— even inadvertently—you'll be warned and prompted to authorize that specific form of non-Play Store download. Apps on Android will never magically install themselves with- out your explicit permission.) It only takes a 30-second glance to size something up to see if it's worth installing—and when in doubt, just go with reputable-looking software and avoid questionable creations. Don't forget to go through your apps on a regular basis and uninstall any you no longer use. You'll stop those apps from having access to your data, and as a bonus, it will free up some storage. DID YOU KNOW? Business email compromise (BEC) is a form of fraud where criminals target key individuals in an organization who control the flow of finances. Using carefully crafted emails in which they impersonate financial officers and CEOs, criminals attempt to trick victims into initiating money transfers into unauthorized accounts. The Association of Financial Professionals released a report this spring that found 81 percent of companies surveyed had received fraudulent emails purporting to come from their own senior executives last year. or texting after the meeting. 4 Meet any potential contacts in a public venue or a workplace, not a home office or hotel room, and at a time of day when you can be sure other people will be around. 5 Remember that a networking con- tact should not ask you for any personal or social favors in return for advice or in- formation given—this is strictly business. 6 Do not give out non-work-related contact information such as your home address, personal email, or private phone number. Stick to what's on your business card. 7 Trust your instincts. If the person you're meeting with makes you feel uncom- fortable for any reason, leave immediately. metamorworks, gettyimages metamorworks, gettyimages For more information on staying safe online here at BSU or at home, contact

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