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Table of Contents Enriched Student Learning 2-3 Trading for Better Futures: Business Trading Room, Harrington Hall 4-5 In Perfect Tune: Music Lab, Moakley Center 6-7 Smart Boards Enrich Student Learning: BSU Children's Center 7 Economics on the Move: Economics Lab, Harrington Hall Enhanced Communication 8-9 "In Touch": Digital Sports Hall of Fame, Adrian Tinsley Center 10-11 Lights! Camera! Action!: Modernization of TV Studio, Moakley Center 12 Technology Takes Flight: e Arrival of the Drone 13 What's Happening Weather-Wise?: Digital Weather Display, Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center Star Performers 14-15 Students of the Year Increased Efficiencies 16 Walk Right In. Sit Right Down: Automated Check-In Equals Increased Eciencies 17 Now Showing – ResLife Cinema: Campus Residence Halls 18-19 2.0 Deserves 5-Star Rating: Mobile App Upgrade Gets Rave Reviews 20 Did You Know? In the Works (Inside Back Cover) " Our mission of advancing the lives of our students, promoting social justice and serving the people of our region has been fixed like the North Star since 1840." President Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq., '83, stated this at his inauguration as the 12 th president of Bridgewater State University. ese words capture the spirit of Outcomes 2015, which highlights several collaborative projects undertaken by BSU faculty, sta and administrators committed to ensuring that our students have the tools they need to become accomplished, contributing members of society. H

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