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So it just makes good sense that the Bridgewater State University's Moakley TV Studio is getting the upgrade it needs to make the grade. Opening all channels of communication rates an A+ when it comes to 21 st century messaging. Arthur Slotnick, director of the television studio, is thrilled with the build-out, but not just for the upgraded equipment alone. Mr. Slotnick and Matthew DeGrechie, video support specialist, are all about their student workers, and the upgraded equipment means a more valuable learning experience. "We take a real interest in our students," said Mr. Slotnick. "We mentor them. We give them opportunities to join us on presentations to members of the campus community to learn what a professional presentation involves. e upgraded cameras and video equipment play nicely with everything we try to do with our students and for the university." Students notwithstanding, the new HD digital camera, camcorders, Phantom 3 Quadcopter (aka, "Drone"), digital playback system and more mean that the studio can now leverage technology in a way that was not possible before. Mr. Slotnick is looking at what this all means with a strategic eye. One plan is to partner with community access television stations in the area to provide an outlet for the university's outreach to the broader community. e fact that the university can now produce quality programming in high denition increases the chances that the stations will take an active interest. "e community access channels have shown interest in the past but had some reservations," he said. "ey would ask, 'Is the quality there? Can you deliver in a timely fashion?' e answer now is, 'Yes. e technical quality of our productions can match the industry standards."' 10 Lights! Camera! Action! Enhanced Communications Modernization of TV Studio Moakley Center We live in a golden age of communication with all kinds of information but one keystroke away. We watch live-streamed videos; we upload and download photos. We tweet. We befriend hundreds of people on Facebook, download reams of information from the internet, check the weather and get our news – all electronically. Outcomes 2015 nearing 2 million views – Google Analytics

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