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12 " e Drone needs to be considered as just another tool," said Mr. Slotnick. "A valuable tool, but a tool nevertheless." Imagine sweeping views of the campus from on high and the vastness of life below. Imagine enhanced video presentations and the richness of sky-high photos appearing in viewbooks and university brochures. Imagine the impact of opening day with each new freshman class gathering on the quad and seen from above. Imagine the possibilities. Claude Benoit, '17, one of Mr. Slotnick's student employees and a real TV studio enthusiast, was the rst to y. "Claude took the Drone, ran it out and recorded video. e quality is absolutely amazing," said Mr. Slotnick. "It almost looks like a set design." e DJI Phantom 3 Drone is equipped with a small HD camera and an iPad mini controller, which allows the user to see what the Drone sees – a feature not all Drones have. "My favorite of all the new equipment is de nitely the Drone," said Claude. "It isn't something that we should use every time we lm, but when we do, I think it's great to have. And fun." Mr. Slotnick concurs. Its use must be strategic. Not only that, he said, "it must be used according to a thoughtfully put together policy giving the studio the appropriate permissions and members of the campus community the appropriate noti cation. It must be used in a respectful manner." Of his work with the television studio, Claude said, "Working with Arthur and the rest of the team has really been a huge part of my life here at BSU. ere are times I'd rather be at work than doing anything else. Everyone who works in the studio has a creative mind and a great heart." v Technology Takes Flight Enhanced Communications The Arrival of the Drone It could have been called a "buzz" or a "whine" or a "whirr." But it's a Drone with a capital "D," and it came to campus last summer. To stay. Thanks to the vision of Arthur Slotnick, director of the BSU Television Studio, and the support of Vice President Ray Lefebvre. Outcomes 2015

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