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When Resident Director Je Saint Dic, Residence Life and Housing, joined the recruitment committee to select new resident assistants, he saw an opportunity to improve on the process. "In the past, check-in was all about tables and chairs and pen and paper," said Mr. Saint Dic. "I approached IT to see if there was some way we could use technology to simplify our process." Enter Heather Tisdelle, assistant director of Administrative Systems. As it happened, Ms. Tisdelle had already developed a check-in soware system used by others at the university. To wit, through a card swipe system, students in the music department record attendance to their required recitals for faculty; sta in the Oce of International Engagements track study abroad students who attend welcome sessions. IT uses another version of the check-in application during Banner Day, keeping track of who attended and what sessions they attended. "Check-in soware is an easy way to track people really fast," said Ms. Tisdelle. "Attendees don't have to sign in. ey just scan their Connect Card and walk right in. "Or, if hosts don't have card readers, they simply type the attendee's name in the computer using the check-in soware, click on the name and they're done," she said. "e soware also gives you the ability to contact attendees aer the fact, run reports and send email 'thank you' blasts." "We recruit new resident assistants each year," said Mr. Saint Dic. "Heather really helped us out. She grasped immediately what we were trying to do, and she tailored the application to t our needs. So now, with a swipe of their Connect Card, students record their name, email address and Banner ID number. And we know who attended an information session. We can open a spreadsheet, access and review the information and easily schedule interviews." And, if not best of all, it's right up there as a key advantage – no long waiting lines. Perhaps for Je Saint Dic and others who use the automated check-in system, the future is now. v Walk Right In. Sit Right Down. 16 Increased Efficiencies Automated Check-In Equals Increased Efficiencies Let's say you're planning an information session for potential job applicants, or you're hosting an event or even a simple meet-and-greet. You're expecting 100 people or more, and you're very interested in finding a quick and efficient way to track – and later communicate with – those who attended or showed interest. Outcomes 2015

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