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17 Well, not exactly "the streets" – more accurately "the residence hall." And maybe "the greatest thing" is a little hyperbole, but nevertheless – "ResLife Cinema," said Mary O'Neill, ResNet coordinator, "is the most popular service we oer students through ResNet," which also includes services such as cable, internet, telephone and residence hall printing kiosks as part of student fees. On a monthly basis, residence hall students can not only access one of 12 to 14 new movies through ResLife Cinema, they can now watch them on- demand. And not only can they watch on-demand, they can watch on their iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices. Recent graduate and now part-time BSU employee, Lauren MacKennon, '14, was a fan. "My roommates and I oen watched together. It was a great way to wind down and not think so much about school. We really enjoyed the new movies and, especially, the fact that we didn't have to go out and buy them." In an eort to ensure the right mix of a dozen or so monthly movie selections, Ms. O'Neill developed an online voting process. "Students select any upcoming movies they'd like to see the following month. I tally the vote, and we queue up the winning shows." ResLife Cinema's movies come out the same time as Redbox and oen beat Netix to market. Basically, when a movie is available on DVD, it's available to ResLife Cinema. Which brings us to the adage – all work and no play. Even hard-working, totally focused BSU students deserve a well-earned time-out from time-to-time! v Campus Residence Halls Each month, on average, 1,000 resident students agree – ResLife Cinema is the greatest thing to hit the streets since Redbox. Now Showing, ResLife Cinema. ResLife Cinema – watch 12 to 14 new movies on a monthly basis Opportunities. Collaborations. Results.

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