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Welcome Outcomes 2015 highlights a handful of the many successful collaborations between sta in Information Technology and their colleagues in various oces, departments and divisions on campus. is publication is not only a celebration of teamwork, it is also tangible evidence of what can happen when people work together to ensure the success of our students. Each project identies an opportunity, which Webster denes as "a chance, especially one that oers some kind of advantage." In every case at Bridgewater State University, it's "Advantage – Student," and that's the focus. e importance of collaboration to achieve this advantage cannot be overstated. Success relies on mutual respect, excellent communication and the specic skills each collaborator brings to the table. In every case highlighted herein, some combination of BSU sta, administrators, faculty and/or students worked together to dene the opportunity and achieve the results to best serve the intended audience. I am proud to present this publication. I am proud of my sta, and I am proud of each individual who, in the spirit of collaboration which denes BSU, joins together to make this university an even better place for our students. 1 Raymond Lefebvre Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Ocer Enjoy!

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