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24/7, 365 IT Help Desk As luck would have it, computer and technology questions oen arise aer hours or on the weekend that you set aside to catch up on important papers with rigid deadlines. Enter 24/7, 365 IT Help Desk. BSU plans on partnering with a company called BlackBeltHelp — a 24/7, 365-day IT Call Center with technicians at the ready to answer basic questions to keep you moving forward. Roll out is planned for spring 2016. Office 365 Picture email as you know it and now add on Cloud storage, instant messaging and video conferencing with faculty, sta and students. at's just the tip of BSU's Oce 365 upgrade with its planned spring 2016 rollout! Stay tuned … Cloud PC Imagine having access to all your les, all your soware, even Infobear and Web for Faculty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your virtual desktop awaits you with the launch of Cloud PC, scheduled for a 2016 launch. BSU Mobile 3.0 Information Technology and Student Aairs have begun planning BSU Mobile App 3.0. Focus groups with students will be conducted to prioritize additional services and rene existing oerings. Some features being considered: Course Add/Drop, eBill Payments, and WEPA print status. Degree Works Students will be able to take charge of their planning, tracking and auditing of their courses on their journey to degree completion. ey will be able to consider how "what-ifs" (they change their major or minor or concentration) will impact the journey toward graduation. ey will be able to look ahead, assess how a specic course would be applied to their required courses for their chosen major – before they register for the class. Faculty advisers will be better able to monitor a student's progress and, thus, oer the best advice. Degree Works is the latest technology in degree planning and will be fully available to students in 2016. In the Works

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