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Technology notwithstanding and cosmetics aside, most importantly, the modernization of the BSU Music Lab means exciting new possibilities for students of music at the university. To accomplish the transformation of the older serviceable but basic lab into a classroom for the 21 st century required the expertise of faculty collaborating with sta from both Information Technology (IT) and Facilities Management and Planning (FM&P): IT to ensure the most appropriate and cost eective computers and soware were purchased; and FM&P to re-envision the physical space of the room, tear down, rebuild and rewire as needed. And, like all projects of this magnitude, it required funding. Lisa Grosshart, director of Media Services, described IT's contributions: "IT congured the iMacs and the teaching station," she said, "all with special amplication for the music … Picture 20 stations with large Apple monitors, each with large piano keyboards; the students wear headsets and are tied into the teaching station." Professor Donald Running, chairman of the Department of Music, is thrilled with the resulting MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) lab. "We needed a lab where students could record sound and, more importantly, import sounds and edit those sounds," he said. "Now, if a student records something in a portable way and loads it into the computer, he or she can add, subtract, cut, paste or manipulate the sound and create a new sound." is may not impress non-music acionados. However, to those with music on their minds, it is only the beginning of staying competitive in a discipline that is becoming more technologically oriented. In Perfect Tune Outcomes 24 Enriched Student Learning Music Lab Moakley Center Walls gutted, rebuilt and painted; old computer equipment discarded and replaced with brand new iMacs, each connected to a 56-key piano keyboard; speakers – out with the old and in with the new – welcome to BSU's music lab fit for the 21 st century. Outcomes 2015

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