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6 Enriched Student Learning BSU Children's Center The initial plan to mount two television monitors in the Children's Center was scrapped in favor of two 80-inch Smart Boards. Everyone involved agrees – smart decision! e full-time teachers at the center now have the capability of ramping up their teaching modules; student teachers now have access to the kind of technology they'll encounter in their careers; and children now have the ability to engage with the lesson plan. It's a win-win-win. Ed Cabellon, assistant to the vice president of Student A airs, was heavily involved in the project. " e call from the center was to nd a way for technology to advance or augment teaching so students could better interact with the lessons." Student A airs partnered with sta in Facilities Management and Planning (FM&P) and Information Technology to answer the call. " e collaboration with facilities and IT was a great win for all of us," said Mr. Cabellon. "We sat at the same table as a team. Facilities shared their perspective on the installation, helping to optimize the placement of the boards; we worked with IT to develop the timeline and solicit the quotes from the vendors. It's a great example for others to follow – not to make decisions in a vacuum." Mike Galego, assistant director of FM&P, led the charge for his division. "Chalk boards needed to be moved, electrical put in place. Basically, we helped make the project happen," said Mr. Galego. Lisa Grosshart, director of Media Services, elaborated, " e team walked the room and made decisions based on the room's dimensions, lighting, and who, exactly, was going to use the boards and how …" Details from a Media Services perspective were in the hands of Steve omas, AV engineer, who coordinated all the meetings and oversaw the installation with the vendor, working closely with Mr. Galego. And, most importantly, children can actively engage in and enjoy the learning process. Joanne Hogan, acting director of the Children's Center, can't say enough about that interaction. "It's a great way to introduce age-appropriate curriculum in an exciting way," she said. Right up there with the many bene ts of the Smart Boards, she said, "is the fact that it's so good for children who learn di erently. Sometimes, when teachers are just talking, we lose them. But with the large, interactive screen, we can appeal in a very e ective way to visual and auditory learners" – which, of course, re ects the university's focus on student success. v Smart Boards Enrich Student Learning Outcomes 2015

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