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7 eir goal, according to Dr. Jones, is "to do market-based experiments to try to understand people's behavior under dierent scenarios … Some of those behaviors might include past tax compliance, charitable giving, punishment and retribution" – a tall order requiring the build out of an economics lab consisting of a closed network of 20 computers and one server. e challenge was space, which is at a premium at BSU. e solution – create a mobile lab that can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. To accomplish this, Dr. Jones collaborated with BSU's IT Department. He presented his proposal to Vice President Ray Lefebvre, who approved it. With the help of Dr. Paula Krebs, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Dr. Michael Young, associate provost for Academic Planning and Administration, Dr. Jones managed to secure funding. He then worked closely with Maria Bilodeau, budget manager in Academic Aairs, to select the appropriate vendor. e result? A mobile economics lab outtted to tackle the experiments critical to Dr. Jones' research. Dr. Jones emphasized that the LAN (Local Area Network) for server and laptops is never connected to the internet for security and privacy reasons. For the students, the opportunity to participate in a survey where the results may very well benet the public is rare and enormously satisfying. v Economics on the Move Professors Michael Jones and Quoc Tran are experimentalists. Simply put, the two educators embrace exploring new ways to solve old challenges. Their discipline? Economics. Economics Lab Harrington Hall e Solution – create a mobile lab that can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly. "The collaboration with facilities and IT was a great win for all of us … Facilities shared their perspective on the installation … we worked with IT to develop the timeline … It's a great example for others to follow, not to make decisions in a vacuum." – Ed Cabellon Assistant to the vice president of Student Aairs Opportunities. Collaborations. Results.

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