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And now, thanks to a digitized Athletics Hall of Fame display mounted on the wall in the Adrian Tinsley Center, sports acionados can access information on all their favorite BSU athletes with a simple touch of the screen. Simple, would not, however, describe the process by which this thoroughly modernized Hall of Fame came to be. According to Mike Storey, assistant director of Athletics, it was "a year-long process which began in 2014." He went on to say, however, that despite the time involved, it was a smooth collaboration among sta in Athletics, Facilities Management and Planning (FM&P), the Operations Center and Information Technology. "e goal was to make accessing information about our athletes more comprehensive and more viewer friendly by somehow entering the digital age, but we, in athletics, weren't sure exactly how to do that," said Mr. Storey. "We also needed to use what wall space we had more eciently." Prior to the digitized version of the hall of famers, athletes were honored with a simple plaque that hung in the hall of the Kelly gym. Information was limited to one paragraph. Mike Galego managed the Atheltics Hall of Fame project for FM&P. "We needed to cut through cinder block," said Mr. Storey. "Mike coordinated the workow, got the power in and the digital lines through the ceiling and, then, he had the power and data cables mounted for IT." Lisa Grosshart, director of Media Services, and Eric Feibel, coordinator of Media Services, led the charge for IT. "We had a kick-o meeting," said Ms. Grosshart, "with all the players in the room. We discussed the project and the timeline, always centered on the academic calendar." "e goal, said Mr. Feibel, "was to have the end product look extremely professional, and it is. But we had some hurdles to overcome." One unexpected bump in the road was a truck driver's strike in California, which caused delays in delivery of the overlay, which is what makes a touch screen, a touch screen. "We managed to get a "In Touch" 8 Enhanced Communication Digital Athletics Hall of Fame Adrian Tinsley Center All major teams have them, and membership is exclusive. You have to be voted in, and only the greatest, most impressive players make the grade. The university is no different. It's an honor to be inducted into the BSU Athletics Hall of Fame. Outcomes 2015

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