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SUMMER 2017 SECURITY SMART 4 Security Smart is published by CSO, the leader in news, analysis and research on security and risk management. © 2017 IDG To purchase an individual subscription, email or for more information. 6 Things Google Knows About You Technology writer JR Raphael explores Google's cache of his personal data OPTING OUT AND TAKING CONTROL Want to turn off specific types of data collection or delete existing info from your Google account history? The Google privacy site is the best place to start; there, Google provides detailed information about how each type of data is used along with links to opt out of any specific areas. You can also visit Google's Activity controls page for a simple single- page list of on-off toggles. If you're looking to clean up your history of anything that Google has been tracking, head to the My Activity site. You can delete any individual item by clicking the three-dot icon in its upper-right corner and choosing Delete, or click the "Delete activity by" link in the left column for an easy way to erase information based on date and/or product. I RECENTLY STARTED POKING around in Google's personal data re- positories and realized that, between my wide-reaching use of its services and my inability to remember anything for more than seven seconds, Google may have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge about my life. And the data itself is only half the story: Google also compiles stats that, for better and for worse, shed light onto the tech-connect- ed habits of our modern lives. Before you freak out, though, remem- ber: The only way anyone else could get this info would be if they were to gain access to your Google account— something two-factor authentication and good mobile security hygiene make highly unlikely. And remember, too, that all this data collection is optional—and very much a tradeoff: By agreeing to let Google store and use your data, you're getting access to an array of features at no monetary cost. (But the decision is ultimately in your hands—see box at right.) Here are some of the more amus- ing—and surprising—things you might find out about yourself by prodding the right parts of Google's noggin. 1 A full history of your voice commands with any Google product, including audio recordings OK, Google. Remind me how silly I sound when talking to my phone (you know, when it seems like no one else is listening). If you use voice com- mands on Android or any other Google product, head to the "Voice & Audio" section of Google's My Activity site to see—and hear—them all. (And yes, your voice really does sound like that.) 2 An objective breakdown of your real BFFs (according to Google) Data doesn't lie. Discover whom among your Google contacts you interact with the most by clicking the "Contacts" header on Google's account dash- board. Just be prepared to make up excuses if your significant other doesn't make the "Frequently contacted" list. 3 Every site you've visited in Chrome, on any device See where you've been on the web (while signed in to Chrome) by opening Google's My Activity page and check- ing "Chrome" in the filter list. As for the sites you'd rather not have recorded— well, let's just say that Incognito mode is your friend. 4 A full history of everywhere you've ever been File this one under "Cool Yet Creepy": Google Maps' Timeline feature contains a detailed diary of your every move— down to the minute. No exaggeration: If you carry an Android phone and have opted into location history, the site will show you where you were every moment of every day. And if you really want to weird yourself out, open Timeline from a desktop and click the year tab in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select "All Time," then click the red box in the lower-left corner to see an ordered list of your most-visited places. 5 How many Google searches you've made this month First and foremost, Google is a search engine, so how much are you Googling? Scroll down to the "Search History" header in Google's account dash- board. Click the header to see how many times you've searched from any device while signed in to your Google account in the past month. (Again: Incognito mode. Never forget.) 6 How many YouTube videos you've watched this month We've all been there: You're being ex- tremely productive, until a single You- Tube link catches your eye. Then one video turns to two. Wait, what's that in the "Related" section? Click. Watch. Repeat. Before you know it, you're 19 videos in, and the afternoon is over. Discover just how much YouTubing you've done in the last month (while logged into your Google account) by visiting Google's account dashboard and clicking the "YouTube" header. For more information on staying safe online here at BSU or at home, contact

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