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OPPORTUNITIES. COLLABORATIONS. RESULTS. 9 and reformatting existing flat-screen presentations. EarthLab will allow BSU students to be engaged in their learning and even see a project of their own come to life in a 360-degree view." But lest we forget, this technologically wonderful educational tool didn't happen overnight. "e collaborative efforts were cool to watch evolve," said Dr. Hellstrom. "Nobody's been le out – faculty, IT, University Events, FM&P, even the Registrar's Office have all been a huge part of this project." Chris Drowne was project manager and, said Dr. Hellstrom, "Chris did a phenomenal job pulling this project together, coordinating people … IT was definitely the backbone that made this project happen." For his part, Mr. Drowne was low key. "IT coordinates the vendors and infrastructure," he said. "Everyone has a piece of a project of this size and complexity." The project has the support of Glenn Flierl, atmospheric and planetary sciences professor at MIT, who has been working with Matt Lalley, co-founder and president of iGlobe, through a National Science Foundation grant. "Glenn has been instrumental in the success of this project," said Dr. Hellstrom.

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