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10 Outcomes 2017 Kelley Baran Director, Administrative Systems Volunteer, Bridgewater/Raynham High School Musical Program Kelley Baran, director of Administrative Systems, is the consummate volunteer and has been helping (an understatement) at the Bridgewater/Raynham High School Musical Program nights and weekends for over two decades. So, when Mr. Lefebvre launched IT CARES and encouraged his staff to take advantage of the state's SERV program, she jumped at the opportunity. "Being able to volunteer during the day gives me an opportunity to spend more time coordinating the many aspects associated with putting on a musical production," said Ms. Baran, who is director, choreographer, artistic director, set designer, acting and dance coach. at's a lot of hats. "Including on stage performers, back stage crew and band members, approximately 75-80 students are involved in the program," said Ms. Baran. "I couldn't be more grateful for the additional volunteer time, and I couldn't be prouder of our IT CARES program." Bridgewater/Raynham produces two shows a year – fall and spring. Fall 2017, the group performed Into the Woods Junior, a children's theater production; Spring 2018, the students take the stage for Footloose. Community Assistance Raises Everyone's Spirits (CARES) BSU IT Cares e name says it all. Staff in IT do care about the community – to the tune of more than 900 hours of volunteer service within the first nine months (and counting) of IT's program. By leveraging the Massachusetts State Employee SERV program, which allows all state employees to volunteer one day per month, paid, 35 IT employees have assisted approximately 35 organizations and raised the spirits of hundreds, possibly thousands, of people in need of assistance. "e value and purpose of BSU IT CARES cannot be overstated," said Raymond Lefebvre, vice president of Information Technology/CIO. "Of course, we're very proud of the program and the number of volunteers and organizations served, but it's about so much more than the numbers. It's about a sense of community, a purposeful giving back. It's about people helping people, wanting nothing in return. It's about kindness and paying it forward." Community Service

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