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OPPORTUNITIES. COLLABORATIONS. RESULTS. 11 e many faces of IT include the ones you see – and the ones you don't. Pam Jordan, computer support technician, is a fan of the personal touch. As a support technician, she interacts with members of the university community on a daily basis. "To me, the more I know about the people I serve, the more I can help them," said Ms. Jordan. Personal relationships build trust and help to make technology more collaborative." To that end, Ms. Jordan proposed an IT initiative she titled "CommunITy," which, as its name suggests is all about community building. To address the isolation of colleagues handling back-end tasks that do not involve working directly with BSU community members, Ms. Jordan proposed that individuals be given the opportunity to take time away from their core duties to accompany her for a morning or aernoon as she assists members of the BSU community with their technology needs. Of the initiative, Trish Jones, assistant director of IT Support Services, said, "Getting out into the community and meeting our customers face-to- face was a splendid experience." Kathy Flaherty, '91, IT project manager, not only enjoyed meeting new members of the BSU community, she also reported gaining valuable insights into the volume and complexity of the work IT gets done on a daily basis. In fact, feedback from IT staff members who have taken advantage of CommunITy is extremely positive, proving once again that belonging to a community of like-minded individuals makes for a pleasant, productive and healthy work environment. Hello My Name Is... CommunITy Jeremy Delorey Web Developer Volunteer, Audio Journal, Worcester e IT CARES initiative launched spring 2017 and was just the impetus Jeremy Delorey, web developer, needed to prompt him to go for it – and volunteer. "I don't interact with a lot of people during my day-to-day work in web development," said Mr. Delorey. "So, I wanted to find a volunteer position that would help me grow. I wanted a new avenue to explore, something different and exciting." Perusing the state's spread sheet of volunteer opportunities, he found Audio Journal, a service that provides the reading of community newspapers for the visually impaired. It works like this: every other week, Mr. Delorey drives to a radio station studio in Worcester, MA. He arrives an hour before "show time," and he studies his assigned community newspaper. He chooses articles he believes will be of interest to his listeners. Once on air, he and his co-reader alternate reading every fieen minutes. "I knew about the SERV program," said Mr. Delorey. "But the fact that volunteering went from asking for approval to leadership actively promoting volunteering definitely made a difference for me. I started the first month that the IT CARES program started, and I've maxed out my hours each month. It's personally pretty rewarding, and it offers me a chance to give back."

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