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Real-World Experience for the Real World Wanted: creative, enthusiastic student to join our Teaching & Technology Center (TTC) team as a Multimedia Publication Specialist – the only thing missing from the TTC job description was: Ezechiaste (Ezy) Pompilus please apply! Needless to say, Ezy secured the IT photographer/ videographer position. His main task was to capture and edit digital photos for inclusion in the annual IT Outcomes 2017 digital and print publication. He has also recorded a companion video demonstrating the accomplishments of the IT Division. Ezy's portfolio is as impressive as is his resume, which includes Ezechiaste Photography specializing in portraits, weddings and events. "I love doing portraits. I love interacting with other people and hearing their stories. When photographing people, it's important to help them be comfortable. at's the only way you can get a really genuine smile," he said, which, of course, translates into a really good photograph. But IT Outcomes 2017 won't be the first place the Bridgewater community has seen Ezy's photographs. Spring 2017, he worked with University News, covering events for inclusion in the university's social media outlets. e value of real-world experience for students is well documented. Not surprisingly, increasing access to internships for a greater number of students is a top priority at BSU. IT is committed to doing its part to help in this important institutional effort. To that end, in the 2017-2018 academic year, IT will work with a total of six student interns in varying capacities, depending on IT's needs and students' interests and skills. IT student interns will be compensated for their work, and also have the opportunity to earn credits for their efforts. 14 Outcomes 2017 IT Internship Initiative Ezechiaste ("Ezy") Pompilus, '19 Major: Communication Studies Ezy's interest in photography developed early. "I grew up in an immigrant family," he said. "We're from Haiti – myself, my parents and my little sister. We had lots of photos of me when I was small, but then life happened. ere are only a few of my sister or even of me aer age nine. We didn't capture those memories, and I thought, I don't want anyone to go through life without capturing their memories. My philosophy: I, 100 percent, want to make sure everyone has a good memory – a photographic record – to show that family is part of something great." EZECHIASTE POMPILUS, '19 Enhanced Communication

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