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20 Outcomes 2017 Processing student high school transcripts is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Make that "was" labor-intensive and time consuming before the Admissions Office implemented Parchment Premium, an automated transcript import/ matching process. e short story is when the Admissions Office receives student transcripts electronically, the newly installed soware processing system automatically attaches that transcript to the right high school student record. Simple enough. But what that actually means is that in the first two weeks of implementation alone, Parchment Premium processed 4,462 transcripts, saving 148 hours of staff time. Heather Tisdelle, assistant director of Administrative Systems, explained: "e project was split into two tasks – server work and database work. I worked with Jim Currie, assistant director of Systems, as part of the server work to streamline the importing of the files." Ms. Tisdelle got the system working initially but said, "Jim really cleaned it up and made it much more robust." "e new system benefits the undergraduate admissions office and staff," said Ms. Tisdelle, "as this used to be a time intensive task. Now it runs automatically every day, does a huge amount of work and enables undergrad admissions to better serve our students by freeing up staff time for other things." Todd Audyatis, associate dean of Undergraduate Admissions, has nothing but praise for the system. "It's a real time-saver," he said, "increasing efficiencies and, importantly, freeing staff up for other equally important tasks." Extrapolated over the course of a year, that means thousands of staff hours saved. Any student who has ever needed a college transcript knows the challenge of getting one first hand. It's time intensive and requires visits to both the Registrar's Office and Student Accounts. Enter e-Transcripts, a student's new best friend. Request a transcript online, pay, receive and print online – quickly, securely and directly. To make that happen, Tracy Devers, systems analyst, worked closely with Registrar Joseph Wolk, as well as Michelle Santos and Michelle Trezzi, both in the Registrar's Office. "e launch of e-Transcripts continues to move the institution forward technologically and provides our students and alumni the high level of service and security that they expect and deserve," said Mr. Wolk. "No longer does a student need to fill out a form and drive to BSU. is service provides 24/7 access for requests of transcripts, which can now be sent anywhere in the world electronically, quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, securely." "e goal was to simplify and expedite the process for students requesting transcripts," said Ms. Devers. Mission accomplished! Saving Time, Saving Money - What a Connection! Parchment Premium Nothing Could be E-easier! e-Transcripts Increased Efficiencies In two weeks, Parchment Premium processed 4,462 transcripts, saving 148 hours of staff time.

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