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Certification at the Speed of Business - Leads to Job Placement Bloomberg Terminals 2 Outcomes 2017 Harvard University offers it. So does Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania, among many prestigious institutions. And now, so, too, does the Ricciardi College of Business (RCOB) at Bridgewater State University. "It" is Bloomberg Certification, a highpoint of a business education, giving Bloomberg-certified graduates a distinct competitive edge upon graduation. It's a game changer for students who can now access, in real time, financial data published by Bloomberg Professional Services – real- world experience for the real world. e Bloomberg Terminal project enjoyed support at the highest echelons of leadership at BSU, from President Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq., '83 and President Emeritus Dana Mohler-Faria to Louis M. Ricciardi, aer whom the college is named. To make it happen, IT's Rob Gimler, support specialist, worked with Dr. Jeanne Davis-Street, assistant dean of the RCOB, and acted as the main point person with Bloomberg. Step one: Dr. Davis-Street and Dr. Elmore Alexander, dean of the business college, met first with Ray Lefebvre, vice president of Information Technology/CIO. e college already had one Bloomberg terminal. is project was about expanding the programming. "We talked about how we wanted to strategically place an additional 11 terminals, so groups of students could work together at one terminal," said Dr. Davis-Street. "Once we got the deadline for the completion of the project, we worked our way backward and, I have to say, the whole process was a smooth, seamless exercise." Mr. Gimler credits the vendor as owning a piece of the seamlessness. "Bloomberg provided us with monitor setups and did the configurations so licensing for each terminal was done and everything was ready to go from day one," he said. Enriched Student Learning

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