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convenient to have an online way to keep track of my work. e website was set up very clearly with due dates and past assignments that we could also review." Also pleased with the program is mathematics major Logan McDonald, '18. "I have absolutely found WebWork to be very helpful in math courses. It's a great way to reinforce material covered in class and have instant feedback." "IT has been wonderful throughout this whole process," said Dr. Flood, who articulated the many challenges the project presented, not the least of which is reliability and security. "IT knows how to manage federal regulations concerning student data. I didn't have to worry about anything." Mr. Zuromski is equally positive not only about the project and working with Dr. Flood, but also about the soware solution itself. "It's a great study tool," he said. "IT is happy to have helped to make it happen." 4 Outcomes 2017 Math Homework That Really Adds Up WebWork Dr. Stephen Flood, assistant professor of mathematics, approached the Teaching & Technology Center (TTC) with a vision. Eric LePage, director of TTC, appreciated that vision. He conferred with Steven Zuromski, associate vice president of Information Technology. And that's how Dr. Flood's vision of implementing WebWork, a free mathematics homework soware system, came one step closer to fruition. "Dr. Flood's request came out of the blue," said Mr. Zuromski. "But Eric and I could see we had an opportunity to help a faculty member make a difference for our students." To make it happen, IT needed to build an independent server and work with systems administrators and Dr. Flood to get WebWork installed – among a myriad of other details. "e saying is 'practice makes perfect,'" said Dr. Flood. "And to be successful in mathematics, that's very true – students need practice. But, if you practice something the wrong way, you'll do that something the wrong way forever. It's a quandary, and that's where WebWork's online homework soware comes in. WebWork teaches students to look at a problem, find their mistake, and keep trying until, eventually, they arrive at an understanding that brings them to the correct answer." Unlike other online homework systems, WebWork is free to students, which is, of course, a huge plus. at's because WebWork runs on its own BSU server. Mathematics major Laura Paterson, '18, took Dr. Flood's Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus classes and is positive about her experience with WebWork. "In both classes, we used WebWork for all of our homework assignments," she said. "I really liked the website not only because it was free, but also because I was a commuter student and it was super Enriched Student Learning

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